A visionary has quoted that “Knowledge is free at library. Just bring your own container”. The library aims at providing the necessary information and making them available to all the beneficiaries in the appropriate time as well as it seeks affording and organizing balanced sets of books and other information sources to go hand in hand the university curriculum and presenting them the researchers and beneficiaries using the both traditional and modern (electronic) getting back methods. The infrastructure includes a library that is a veritable treasure of knowledge, with a 12-hours access. Students have access to the library for at least three hours every day over and above the normal working hours of the college. They are allowed to borrow up to two books at a given time. The facility to get photocopies of relevant reading material and question papers of past years is available to students at nominal charges. With a total carpet area of 1650 sq.ft, the library has a seating capacity of about 80 students and is accessible to students from 7-30 a.m. to 7-30 p. m. The college library has a strong treasure of over 15648 titles and 17839 volumes. The LJ library has following collection: • 12 National Dailies in both English and Gujarati • 145 Periodicals including 17 international periodicals • 112 Books with CDs • 546 CDs Objectives and functions of Library 1. Providing, organizing and making available for use a modern and rich set of specialized information sources. 2. Publishing the new important information within the researchers in the university. 3. Presenting appropriate office and information services.