Civil Engineering

Amongst all branches of engineering, the range and application of civil engineering is the broadest and the most visible. In fact, the entire infrastructural framework of a modern nation is the creation of civil engineers. The credit of building mighty power plants, dams, airports, sea ports, highways, inland waterways and industrial plants goes to civil engineers. These professionals are also engaged in building an unending array of urban structures such as commercial complexes, skyscrapers, tunnels, bridges, roads, urban rapid transport systems, and so on. Wherever you might be, in cities or towns or in the remote areas of the country you simply cannot miss the creation of civil engineers. The nature of this profile makes it an evergreen prospect for career minded youngsters. There is an endless demand for this job profile both in the private as well as in public sector undertakings in our country. The duration of this program is of 3 years full time course along with varieties of curricular & extra-curricular activities.


Courses details

# Course Level Shift Duration Intake
1Civil EngineeringDiplomaFirst3 Year120
2Civil EngineeringDiplomaSecond3 Year60