Microbiology is an ever expanding field of biology that includes the study of microorganisms and their diversity, varied activities, genetics as well as their harmful and detrimental influence on humans, other forms of life and the non-living environment. It also includes the study of exploitation of microorganisms for economic benefits of human beings.

The branches of microbiology can be classified into pure and applied sciences. Microbiology can be also classified based on taxonomy, in the cases of bacteriology, mycology, protozoology and phycology. There is considerable overlap between the specific branches of microbiology with each other and with other disciplines, and certain aspects of these branches can extend beyond the traditional scope of microbiology.

In the field of research lots of work is going on across the globe. Microbiologists are continuously thriving to find out various modes of prevention and treatment for the new unidentified wide diseases affecting the living organisms. Lots of advancements in the field of diagnosis, treatment, prevention and medicinal fields by using microbiology as a major research tool.


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