Chemistry is a rich and diverse subject as it helps explain the workings within the wonderful and complex world in which we live.

Chemistry is concerned with the composition, structure, and properties of substances, the transformations of these substances into others by reactions, and the kinds of energy changes that accompany these reactions.

The Department of Chemistry is organized in four interrelated and overlapping sub disciplines that deal primarily with the chemistry of inorganic substances (inorganic chemistry), the chemistry of carbon compounds (organic chemistry), the chemistry of drugs (medicinal chemistry), and the physical behavior of substances in relation to their structures and chemical properties (physical chemistry).

The academic programs in Chemistry are designed to provide training in the theory and practice of all branches of Chemistry and to stimulate creative thinking and research.

We emphasize the importance of a thorough grounding in experimental chemistry and the need to expose the students to operational aspects of chemical industry and to modern analytical tools.

Objectives of Chemistry Department:

1.     To give students a good exposure to the theoretical and practical aspects of chemistry.

2.     To provide students with a wide range of abilities and skills presented in three broad categories, Cognitive abilities, Practical and General Skills.

3.     To train students who will be employable in the industries and who can also be self-employed.

4.     To produce graduates who can exploit the abundant natural resources of this country for the benefit of the society.

Courses details

# Course Level Shift Duration Intake
1CHEMISTRYUndergraduateFirst3 Year320