Biotechnology represents a fusion or alliance between biology and technology. It is a newly discovered discipline for age-old practices. It is having its scientific foundation of subjects like genetics, Biochemistry, Genetic Engineering, Food Sciences, Material Sciences, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry ,etc.

Biotechnology is basically eluted into four vivid fields; Agricultural, Medical and Healthcare, Environmental, Marine preservation.

Objectives of the department:

1)   To give the students opportunity to learn the applicative science in easier manner.

2)   To make students understand the industrial technological perspective along with the thorough theoretical knowledge.

3)    Work along with the students over strengthening their practical skills and practical knowledge.

4)   Train students to confidently represent the knowledge they have gained.

5)   To motivate them to create innovation from their basic point of view to advance level.

6)   To produce visionaries graduates who can bring evolutionary visionary and creative researches for world. 

Courses details

# Course Level Shift Duration Intake
1BIOTECHNOLOGYUndergraduateFirst3 Year100