President’s Message

Professional education substantially enhances the productivity of the recipient of this education. So its cost, which is investment – in- self, should be naturally born by the recipient.
LJ trust feels proud that, not only it participates in this programme, but also with the help of it’s highly qualified and committed faculty and other staff it plays a substantial role in it under the able leadership of their five directors and innovative guidance of Professor Manish Shah with the support of board of trustees and other executives of LJ Pariwar.

Prof. B. M. Peerzada

President, LJK

Vice-President’s Message

At LJ, we believe in sincerity and commitment. We work hard to achieve an excellence. LJ aims in overall development of the students. We always try to offer professional and job oriented courses.
Ensuring accessibility of genuine opportunities for every common man to get higher education is the core responsibility of the LJK. This will certainly help our nation in achieving the competitive advantage in the international arena.
Keeping universal realities in view, LJK is fully committed to perform a sterling role and provide excellent and state-of-the-art facilities for high quality education in the fields of Commerce, Management, Engineering, Pharmacy, Computer and Information Technology. In coming years, we will endeavor to set a new trend in the field of education.

Dr. Manishbhai Shah

Vice-President, LJK