Skill Development & Corporate Training

Skill is an ability acquired through deliberate, systematic, and sustained effort to smoothly and adaptively carryout complex activities or job functions involving ideas (cognitive skills), things (technical skills), and/or people (interpersonal skills). It nurtures the talent of youth by educating them on various aspects of industrial activities. It improves productivity in the workplace and the competitiveness of businesses. It improves the quality of life of workers, their prospects of work and their mobility. It ensures that trainees or employees improve their skills and enhance performance by focusing on overall professional development.

In the modern-day world corporate training has become very essential. It is treated as a compulsory agenda that not only enables the corporate to understand the psychology of their employees but also brings better changes in their behavior and attitude. It develops new employment opportunities; bring trainees from campus to corporate. Industries always requires trained/skilled manpower or they want to keep update their employees. This corporate training will fulfill their all requirements.

Courses are designed to teach all aspects of industry requirement (like designing, planning, installation, process, manufacturing, testing, safety, quality control, media, marketing, management, team work, conflict management, emotion intelligence, organization culture & values, time management, making feasibility reports, business corresponding, report writing, public relation, etc.)

LJ Group of Institutes has already trained more than 2000 Employees of Ford Motor India (Sanand, Gujarat Plant) in sixteen months. These Employees are working as Team Members & Leaders in different Shop Floors as well as in Supporting Offices.

LJ Group has signed MOU with Toyota Kirloskar Motors Bengaluru, for its SA T-TEP (Service Advisor Toyota Technical Education Programme). For that LJ & Toyota have developed world class State-of-Art Automobile Workshop.

We prepare course and conduct training as per industry requirement. Once contents, course material, training methodology, duration and venue are decided by company/industry, then we start training. So that company/industry can get trained employees as per its requirement.

At LJ, we try of our best to prepare real skilled manpower, which should be “Ready to Work” in Industry. They are not only technically sound but also they have good behavior, attitude, communication, presentation, etiquettes, personality and above all they know their socially responsibilities towards society & nation.

Benefits of Training

  • Managers, executives, engineers, supervisors, team leaders, team members and entrepreneurs would acquire enhanced communication, team work, and problem solving skills. They would be able to improve their relationship with the employees and would be able to resolve people problems in reduced time and effort. This training would improve ability to learn from a quickly changing environment and seeking constant new challenges.

  • Courses impart operational skills for end users and entrepreneurial applications. It gives a sense of independence and confidence that allows them to get to work on a project with clear goals.

  • It creates confidence in professionals in their own vision and break down the technological, managerial and financial barriers in their professions. It assures professionals the most effective way to prepare for successful employment.

  • Once they get this training, they know how to work long, hard hours, how to trust their instincts and how to troubleshoot on a tight schedule. Exclusive feature of this training is emphasis on helping learners to become real professionals, not just cogs in different industries.

  • By developing an extensive network of various companies/corporations from all other facets of the industry, LJ has created completely new concept of training.

  • The intention is to empower the youth to become future leaders for a prosperous India, through development of their physical, mental, moral and professional strengths.

  • It increases productivity, efficiency, improves quality of service, employees retention and motivation. It always put professional inside the door instead of knock on doors and gives opportunities to grow up...up…..up……